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How to send Corporate Gifts that leave a BIG impression!

Whether you are launching a new product, looking for a marketing idea or saying a heartfelt thank you to clients or staff, Coco & Bean can ensure that your corporate gift giving is on point.

The difference between a hastily bought store gift and a delicious, exquisitely packaged treat from Coco & Bean can’t be underestimated.

Our corporate gifts are about more than selling an idea or saying a simple thank you.

Our gifts are centred on building relationships, engaging clients and letting staff know that they are valued.

Personalisation that puts YOUR brand in front


If you want your corporate gift to stand out and not look run of the mill, Coco & Bean can certainly deliver.

We specialise in designing and customising gift boxes so that the gift recipient feels like you’ve gone the extra mile for them.

By printing your company name or logo on labels, stickers or ribbon, and by colour coordinating your packaging to suit your company’s aesthetic, we ensure that your brand is at the heart of the corporate gift.

Adding a gift card personalised with your company name and a heartfelt message also goes a long way in building relationships and showing genuine appreciation.

Life is fast paced and unfortunately not many companies take the time to do the small things right.

A client will return to you or recommend you, and a great employee is more likely to remain loyal if they have been shown that they are valued and appreciated.

Quality that is unrivalled

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Which would you rather receive – a generic box of chocolates or exquisite treats that have been lovingly prepared in small batches with attention to detail?

Obviously the latter – and your clients and staff are no different!

Gifting Coco & Bean treats is telling people that you care, that you value their business or their contribution to your work place and that you want to continue building on that relationship.

A unique, handmade gift will always surpass a mass produced one.

Give the WOW factor that ensures your corporate gift is remembered

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Author and poet Maya Angelou once said,

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,

people will forget what you did,

but people will never forget how youmade them feel”.

With Coco & Bean you can be assured that people will remember it all –

the way it looks, the way it smells, the way it tastes and most importantly, the message you are delivering.

Our company values you, appreciates you and wants to keep working with you.

Whether the corporate gift is for one client or for a whole staff, it will be made and packaged to deliver that wow factor!


1. Be Quick


Don’t delay in sending a corporate gift of thanks or congratulations.

If your client has finished building with you, give them their gift at the handover of the house.

If your employee has just sealed an amazing deal, place that order of gratitude!

Strike while excitement is at a high, and your timely gift will leave a more lasting impression.


2. Be Spontaneous


Sometimes you will want to show your appreciation to a hard working staff or to a long standing client.

A surprise gift when they are least expecting it will really make them feel special – and will make your corporate gift stand out from the crowd.

Sending a gift of appreciation outside of peak festive seasons will mean your corporate gift will be the one that is remembered.


3. Be Different


When your competitors are giving out pens and T-shirts or generic hampers at Easter or Christmas time, don’t forget to wow everyone with a Coco & Bean gift box.

Coco & Bean make the process of sending out multiple gifts, hassle free with our specially designed Ordering Gifting Template for when ordering 10 or more gifts.

Impressive corporate gifting has never been so easy!


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